Tuesday, 26 October 2010

2010 The Year Of Not Blogging


so this year i have completely neglected this blogging stuff. I'm shit at times i'll be the first to admit, though one intoxicated night 10 months after my last entry I've all of a sudden felt the urge to update it. I'll use this entry to just quickly catch up on whats happened in our camp so far this year.

1. Firstly unfortunately in July we had our first real line up change when our drummer of 5 years Poz left. No drama's surrounding it, he just wasnt enjoying it like he used to anymore. We're all on good terms and we'd like to say a massive thankyou to Poz for his deadication over the 5 years he served. We wouldnt be the band we are now without him. Hes playing in an indie pop band now that i'll put up a link to when they eventually get a name and something online. What we've heard so far sounds awesome though!

2. I'd like to introduce you to our new drummer Gibbo! He used to play in a sweet crust band called Burning The Prospect and hes been playing drums for us since July. Hes the one second in from the left in the picture bellow and is a power house.

3. Well we said for ages we were going to put out an Album and then went back on all we said and released an EP called Widow Country. Hugely long boring story, though it worked best for us and I have definately learnt my lesson about shutting my mouth about plans, as I have felt a little stupid saying one thing and doing another. HOWEVER, our new EP Widow Country sounds amazing which is the most important thing. We released it on our own label Shark City Records and it got 9/10 in Rock Sound Magazine, 4/5 in Kerrang magazine, 8/10 in Metal Hammer and 4/5 in Big Cheese magazine in the UK which was like a child hood dream reached. The Art was done by the infamous Thomas Lacey and you can check it out at the top of the post. Support the cause and go buy yourself a copy!

4. We've done a load of weekenders and one off shows throughout year with loads of sweet bands, though in June we embarked on a 3 week Rock Sound Magazine Sponsored Uk tour with Throats and The JCQ which was sweet as fuck!

Lavotchkin & The JCQ

5. Something we never saw coming, though Si ended up in Front magazine for having to many tattoos. I'd like to think this page is over several dart boards across the Uk now :-D

6. We got to play Offset Festival, HellFire Festival and BrainWash Festival which were all sweet!

Hub Left & Martin Right at Offest Festival (nice and sweaty!)

7. Our split 7inch with Attack! Vipers! finally came out. So stoked to have a 7inch at last and especially with Attack! Vipers! Its limited to just 300 copies on Evil B Records so if your after one i'd pick one up sooner than later.

Thats pretty much it people, so consider this loosely up to date.

Massive thanks to the following people for making the last 10 months a lot more fun, be it helping us in someway, playing shows or showing us a good time. Jenna, Andy, Kon, Crocus, The JCQ, Throats, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Antaraes, Black Mass, Neil up in scotland, Rory in leeds, Eugene, Your Highness, Hush, Man Hands, Attack! Vipers!, End To Empires, Mike Evil B, all our friends and family that have been putting us up for the night whilst on the road and especially everyone whos come out to shows. We've played some of the best shows we've played in the history of our band in the last 10 months and dont take it for granted one bit.


Martin + The Lavotchkin's

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Jamie said...

Really enjoyed playing with you guys in Bristol last year with Throats. Love the new track too. Keep it up!