Friday, 14 November 2008

A fucking dark tunnel yet still theres a light

Firstly, some really shit news. Within a short space of time we have managed to two very close brievements to members of Lavotchkin, a parent and a close friend. Both have been being really shit losses and as a result have caused us to have to drop out of the shows we were set to play in November. I wont lie, bar a couple of things 2008 has been a fucking shit year for us and it has definately tested us as a band as far as keeping our shit together goes. Though hey, what doesnt kill you brings you together and definately make you stronger. So your fucking stuck with us for the moment, so kick back and read the rest of my ramblings.

On a much lighter note, we are stoked to be finishing 2008 with a pretty sweet week long tour with our good friends Crocus + New'ish upstarts The Bear Fight. One more show is yet to be firmed out, though heres the poster with the current dates below. (Poster created by our boy John from Brides.)

Also big news for us, it looks like before our album is to be released we will be doing one more split record with our good friends Crocus. This is sheduled to be recorded in January'ish time and will feature two tracks and a cover from ourselves. Crocus are an amazing band and sweet as fuck guys, so needless to say we are very stoked about this and are really looking forward to its release.

Even bigger news! As of a few weeks ago we have joined forces with lovely Jenna Lee (some might know from her work with smalltown records) who will be joining team lavotchkin tackling the business side of things. We are really fucking stoked as Jenna is a friend and a fucking hard worker, so 2009 is definately looking like our light at the end of a dark tunnel.

At the moment whilst a lot of our peronal shit is going on, we have been finishing the first demo'ing parts of our album which we are currently mixing at the moment. We are totally stoked with how everythings coming out and are really looking forward to recording properly. (We have been working on this with our good friend phil conway. check him out!!)

However, although doing a lot of recording, we dont really wanna put anything online as we dont wanna really let to much go. HOWEVER if you are actually really interested, drop us a mail and if there isnt to many people asking we will send some sneek previews. As for our album, we have dropped a couple of other tracks, leaving us currently in the process of writing the 8th installment. If we werent so fussy we would have finished our album already, though it will be for the best in the long run as far as us feeling we have done the best job we could of.

Cheers for reading my rants anyway and come see us tear it up with Crocus in December. It will be a fucking sweet tour.


Martin + The Lavotchkin's