Saturday, 12 December 2009

2009 is over for Lavotchkin

hey hows it going!

So we just finished our last show for the year in Leeds just the other day which was a fuck load of fun, so firstly big thanks to everyone who came out to that show. Since my last entry we have played some awesome shows, although at the same time have been a bit unlucky a fair few times over the last couple of months.

Firstly on the unlucky cards, we had to drop out of two shows in early October as Poz our drummer caught pretty bad flu (possibly swine flu though we will never know). Secondly we missed another two shows due to our van breaking down on the way to our first show in Kent. We broke down just outside of Toddington and over a period of 14 hours had to get toe'd back to Newcastle. The extra kick in the balls was our AA membership had just expired so we had to re-join and pay £2 per mile all the way back to Newcastle. So on top of paying for Mastering our album and our van insurance needing re-newed has once again left us poor poor guys. Its all getting sorted though, so all is far from lost, though being so poor over christmas is definately sucking for us all.

On the up side however! We have over the past couple of months played some sweet as fuck shows with bands such as Brides, Feed The Rhino, Errander, Antaris, Attack Vipers, Gay For Johnny Depp, Our boys Out Cry Collective, BlakFish and played two shows on the recent Lords (usa) tour. Check out some of the fliers bellow! If you havnt heard any of the mentioned bands i'd recommend you to check them out.

Other good news is we have nearlly the 100% art work for our massively long over due split 7inch with Attack! Vipers! Check it out bellow. Its definately going to press via Evil B Records at the end of January and we are just in the middle of confirming a digital label to support it.

I am also happy as a mother fucker to tell you that we have recieved the final master of our album and its in the very final stages of being mastered by Alan Douches @ West west side Music over in America. Its sounding un-real and we are so happy of the job Jason Sanderson has done recording it. We are also extremely happy to tell you that art work for our album is being done by our boy Thomas Lacey from the Ghost of a Thousand. The art is on its way to compeletion and what we have seen has all been perfect. We'll get some previews up when its fully finished.

As for a label for our album, thats a whole different story. The short version of the story is this. We spoke to three labels out of a huge list and the jist we got was positive though they needed to hear the finished product. So we figured we'd wait for the finish before getting shit done pretty much so we can ask all at once. The wheels are in motion anyways and hopefully by the end of January we will be able to give you a release date. For now.......... its called "Widow Country" and its fucking awesome. All the delays are killing us, though we know its going to be worth it.

Meanwhile to waiting for our album and not being able to tour as much, this has lead us to actually begin writing again which has been really cool. However spending hours fucking round with midi drums has been a royal pain in the arse, although at the same time something i think i am going to have to get used to. When you hear our album, you will get to hear that once again we have gotten heavier/more intense (we like to think) and this new stuff now is even more heavier/ more intense than that. The rough thoughts being juggled round are to write an EP next due to never wanting to pay our selves for an album again hahaha though we'll see............ Very fucking early days.

Although its been quieter towards the end of the year for us, 2009 has been the first real real busy year we have had as a band. A roller coaster of Highs and lows all the way, though at the same time a fuck load of good times, parties, chances to see friends all over europe and generally avoid work. I always complain about poverty, though it does feel worth it in the end and we really hope that everyone digs "Widow Country" when it comes out so we can do some cool stuff next year.

Massive props to everyone who has helped us out, put us on and looked after us this year! We are back on the road in Febuary next year (when we should roughly be debt free) and doing some shows with our boys Crocus and Your Highness from Belgium. Dates are on our page! Stay tuned for more tour news though as we have some possible Gems in the pipe line.

Thanks for reading my shit. Come and see us play in 2010. Patiently wait for Widow Country!


Martin + The Lavotchkin's

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Hairyman said...

Can't wait for the album guys. The split with Crocus has been on my stereo a lot this year. Hopefully catch both of you at the Unicorn. Stay safe.