Saturday, 27 December 2008

Lavotchkin/ Crocus Uk Tour!

Hey Hey

Firstly i would like to thank everyone who came out to our shows on our Recent southern England tour with our good mates Crocus. The shows were all cool and bar everyone sharing illness towards the end of the tour all in all it was a sick week away. Oh and big thanks to everyone who bought cds, shirts, gave us food, promoted a show, gave us a place to sleep and joined in going nuts. None of us brought a camera though there are pictures out there which i will try my best to get hold of and get up here as soon as i can.

So its reaching the end of 2008 and to be honest as far as Lavotchkin goes we are fucking stoked its over (it wasnt all bad, though a lot of bad stuff did happen). So without meaning to sound like a whinge, heres more a look back and laugh at all the stuff that went wrong for us in 2008: -

+ Wrecking the engine in our van without having any money to replace it

+ Eventually paying for the van to be repaired (£1500), getting it back two weeks before going on tour in Belgium, then finding that they had put the wrong engine in that needed to be taken out or we were stuck with it. Hahah the bastards held the van telling us they would be able to sort it out, then the afternoon before setting off on tour they told us theres no chance its going to be done, forcing us to cancel.

+ We got our van back once again right before going on tour once again (with Crocus + Hitcher) then after the first show our van dies again! We get a guy out and apparently its yet ANOTHER problem, totally different to the last problem and it was going to cost £1000. We did manage to do the tour in a transit we managed to higher last minute, though after spending all the money hiring we found out two months later when coming to fix our van, the part that was broken in the van actually cost just £75 to fix and the guy who looked at it was trying to rip us off. Thank god we took it else where and didnt pay £1000!! Still shit as we could have got our van fixed right then and there and wouldnt have had to spend a lot of extra money hiring.

+ We were forced to drop out of two Scotland tours thanks to firstly extreme weather problems and secondly a bloody fuel crisis. Really fucking sucked but with our luck and meaning we would have risked not making it back for our jobs (that already dislike us all for constantly bugging for time off), so long story cut short we couldnt risk either occasion at the time. What a jip.

+ We recorded for a split with the awesome Attack Vipers in January, though through a heap of set backs looks like its not going to see the light of day till early next year. Not bad news at all really as it is coming in Feb now, though we have been dying for our first 7inch since Lavotchkin first began so its killing us waiting to get it! Its guna be a fucking sweet split though so do check it out :-D

+ Through family problems we had to drop out of our tour with Whitemare in September :-(

+ Us having to drop out of shows with our friends the fair fight as our singer Si got real real sick the week before going and rather than getting better he got worse till the day before tour having to check into hospital.

+ The big ones which wasnt funny at all was we had two real real close brievements to two members of lavotchkin, which i wont go into detail about though were really big blows to members of our band. There both doing ok, though October through to early December has been pretty fucking low periods for them .

So as you can tell, there was a fucking lot of things that went wrong in 2008. Shit happens though!! We are still having a laugh and even though so much bad stuff happend the good things that did happen were pretty good and as cheesey as it sounds it has made us a lot stronger as a result. (I am pretty sure that we have officially had all the bad luck we can have now so that just leaves good luck yeah???? hahaha or fingers crossed anyways.)

Some of the good things that happend in 2008 were:

+ Through all of the problems we have been writing fucking loads for our album. So far since beginning writing for it we have written 13tracks of which 7 or 8 tops out of those tracks will make it on our record. We have let two tracks go to our split with Attack Vipers and another three tracks for our forth coming split with Crocus.

+ We managed to demo a shit load of our new tracks! Its a fuck on though we got it done. We didnt wanna throw em round to much as they are real rough but if you do wanna hear any, drop us a line over myspace or something.

+ We managed to tour with our good friends Crocus twice as well as also good friends Brides, Hitcher and a short tour with Manatees. We did make a shit load of one off shows or weekend dates though they were all mostly northern England due to transport problems. (You bands who can get by in cars are lucky lucky fuckers!).

+ We met the Newest edition to Lavotchkin, our lovely manager Jenna Lee who has managed to turn around our wreck of a band.

+ Although a lot of shit fell through for different reasons, we did still manage to catch up with a lot of our mates round the country. Thats always the real good bit about touring for us.

Anyways, as for 2009. This for Lavotchkin is the turn around year so be expecting to hear a fucking lot more from us. In January we will be recording for our split with Crocus with good fucking friend Jason Sanderson, who as worked with bands such as Rolo Tomassi, Mirimar Disaster, The Plight, The Legacy and fuck loads of other sweet bands. The Track listing for this from ourselves is going to be:

Track 1 - You were dawn
(Heavy, Up Beat, a little rocky with a big fucking ending)
Track 2 - Abandon
(Slower, Heavier and really pissed off)
Track 3 - Clouds
(A little more punkier with some heavy bits with a lil bit of slide guitar)

That split is coming out June 2009 on Small town records and no doubt we will stick up a Track or Two round March.

The big recording planned for next year however will be in May, as at bloody last we are going to be recording our Album. Although recording in May it looks like its release will be October/November 2009 which is ages away, but fuck at least its gunna be coming out. Unfortuately that is as much of the details as i can disclose atm, though i am sure as it comes closer the time i will be telling more about whats going on for it. The current title we have for the record is "This Is Widow Country" and it will be 10/11 tracks long.

As for touring, we have a lot planned and 2009 will see us touring more than we ever have by a long shot. We will be doing some touring before recording our album, though the main bulk of our traveling will be set around after we have finished recording our album. For the minute though! In Late Jan/ early Fed we are doing a short 4 date tour with the mighty Take A Worm For A Walk week which will be suuuuuuuuuuuper sweet. Also Late Feb we are heading out to mainland Europe once again with a super special festival appearance that we cannot disclose yet. hahha trust us though once the line up is 100% you will hear about it as we are totally over the moon to be playing. We will also be coming back to the south in late March with a couple of real real sweet bands though thats all a bit hush at the moment still, though keep an eye out.

I have ranted for fucking ages now so am gunna draw this to a brief conclusion. Fuck 2008, roll fucking on 2009. If we are playing near you and you are free, come down to a show and if you have some time check out our webstore at as we have some new merch up and any purchase really helps.

Cheers for reading and giving a fuck enough to get to this point in the small essay i seem to have written!

Martin + The Lavotchkins

Ps: Thanks so much to our friend Tom Lacey of Ghost of a thousand fame for propping us as a band to watch for 2009 on the rocksound website. We are definately gunna be one to watch for 2009, not that you'd have thought given the disasters 2008 brought though seriously watch this space and thanks Tom for having some fucking faith in us. Props!

Tom Lacey, Ghost Of A Thousand picks Lavotchkin
''I've been waiting fucking ages for their album and it's finally on it's way. We played a show with these dudes in Middlesborough about two years okay, and even though it was pretty shitty show they tore the place apart. They're just the most fucking ferocious band this country has at the moment, and they really need to be heard by a lot more people. We used to stay at Martin the guitarists house , and his basement has this weird pile of rags that looks just like a body lying down there. Martin denies any wrong-doings, but if that's not fucking hardcore then i don't know what is.''

Friday, 14 November 2008

A fucking dark tunnel yet still theres a light

Firstly, some really shit news. Within a short space of time we have managed to two very close brievements to members of Lavotchkin, a parent and a close friend. Both have been being really shit losses and as a result have caused us to have to drop out of the shows we were set to play in November. I wont lie, bar a couple of things 2008 has been a fucking shit year for us and it has definately tested us as a band as far as keeping our shit together goes. Though hey, what doesnt kill you brings you together and definately make you stronger. So your fucking stuck with us for the moment, so kick back and read the rest of my ramblings.

On a much lighter note, we are stoked to be finishing 2008 with a pretty sweet week long tour with our good friends Crocus + New'ish upstarts The Bear Fight. One more show is yet to be firmed out, though heres the poster with the current dates below. (Poster created by our boy John from Brides.)

Also big news for us, it looks like before our album is to be released we will be doing one more split record with our good friends Crocus. This is sheduled to be recorded in January'ish time and will feature two tracks and a cover from ourselves. Crocus are an amazing band and sweet as fuck guys, so needless to say we are very stoked about this and are really looking forward to its release.

Even bigger news! As of a few weeks ago we have joined forces with lovely Jenna Lee (some might know from her work with smalltown records) who will be joining team lavotchkin tackling the business side of things. We are really fucking stoked as Jenna is a friend and a fucking hard worker, so 2009 is definately looking like our light at the end of a dark tunnel.

At the moment whilst a lot of our peronal shit is going on, we have been finishing the first demo'ing parts of our album which we are currently mixing at the moment. We are totally stoked with how everythings coming out and are really looking forward to recording properly. (We have been working on this with our good friend phil conway. check him out!!)

However, although doing a lot of recording, we dont really wanna put anything online as we dont wanna really let to much go. HOWEVER if you are actually really interested, drop us a mail and if there isnt to many people asking we will send some sneek previews. As for our album, we have dropped a couple of other tracks, leaving us currently in the process of writing the 8th installment. If we werent so fussy we would have finished our album already, though it will be for the best in the long run as far as us feeling we have done the best job we could of.

Cheers for reading my rants anyway and come see us tear it up with Crocus in December. It will be a fucking sweet tour.


Martin + The Lavotchkin's

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Out the loop but still busy


So this month we have been working our bollocks off with our boy Phil Conway, demo'ing tracks that are possibly going towards our debut album. We are just beginning recording the vocals now so wont be long till we are back writing and playing shows again. Quite startings to miss it now!

Anyways, since the initial writing for our record began we have so far written 10 Tracks, of which it looks like just 5 or 6 will be going towards it. I guess we are just in the mind frame where we wanna just make our first record as special as we possibly can, so we're really trying to take a lot of time over it. I Guess just to make sure we are putting out the best we can possibly give. Blah Blah Blah...... i think you get what i mean. Anyway, we will keep you informed on here as it goes. So keep checking back if your interested ;-)

As for other News, with a lot of help from friends it looks like we will be coming back over to Europe in late Febuary. We are totally stoked and are hoping that the dudes sorting the shows out have good luck in firming everything out. If your interested in doing a date drop wtfoctopus bookings (Belgium) and Voltaire Booking (Austria) a message, both good fucking dudes and have there hearts in the right place. Myspack links bellow: -

Also, we are going to be doing four shows with the awesome Take A Worm For A Walk Week (Undergroove Records) at the end of Jan 09. This we are stoked about as we have been fans for a long while as well as previous Label mates on the awesome MidMarch Records. Check em out anyway and check our page for show details!

Merch News, we are going to be getting Two new shirts printed up at the end of October. One a design we have been sitting on for a while by our boy Jonas from The Grizzley Twister over in Sweden and the 2nd by the awsome BlackSails Design over in Italy. You can check the designs bellow:-

Jonas Grizzley Twister Design

Last bit, we are going to be playing with Flood Of Red in The Basement at Newcastle University in the early half of November. When your in a band, i guess theres always that one place that you always wanted to play cos of seeing all the bigger bands when you were younger etc etc......... Anyways the Basement at Newcastle University was that venue for us and we are so stoked to be playing, so big thanks to our boy Chell for putting us on. We definately owe him more than just one and please come down to make it a memourable one. If you're after tickets a couple of pounds cheaper drop us a line and we will hook you up.

Cheers for reading once again.

Martin + The Lavotchkin's

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Ups and Downs


So a few things have been going on this month in our camp.

Right at the start of the month we hooked up with our friends from Southampton The Fair Fight, though shock horror once again we were struck with shit luck, this time it being down to Si getting so sick he had to go to hospital. We managed to find a replacement singer or singers for the Newcastle date of the two shows we were playing, though we had to drop out of the boston show. Fucking pain and i think thats the 3rd time we have had to drop out of a show there, but driving a 5 hour round trip with a dude who barely knew the words would have sucked for everyone. (Especially the people coming to the show!) Shit happens though right?

Next bit of amazing news came not long after when we discovered we were going to have to drop out of shows we were set to be playing with friends Whitemare from Brighton, towards the end of the month. A kick in the balls like, but one of us had family issues over that period and you have to put the other important stuff first sometimes.

Anyway although we had our set backs, we did manged to fit in playing with Glasgow's awsome Take A Worm For A Walk Week and The Dead Eyes of Quint from Leeds. Both sweet bands, check them out! Also we supported Philadelphia's hardcore legends Blacklisted, where we were lucky enough to have the last 3 songs of our set recorded. This can be viewed online via the link bellow: -

The video contains three brand new songs which will all be featuring on our forth coming record.

1st - The Wether Effect
2nd - Abandoned
3rd - Untitled

Next up, we got our van back at last. Fully working with no problems and fingers crossed no more for a fucking long time. We have had our fair share now. However, funny story about it. So basically when our van died the 2nd time we got an emergency guy out to come and look at it. So he came, told us it was something or other (i know fuck all about vans/cars, the others do though so don't think we are clueless.) Anyway, he told us it would cost 1000 to get fixed which we thought sounded a bit crazy considering we had just had it fixed and looked over. So after much bugging a family friend we eventually got another mechanic to double check it and he says he can fix it for 75 pounds. Turns out the first guy was trying to pretty much rape us for all we were worth. So first hand advice, never trust a mechanic first off!

With the Whitemare tour cancelled and Hub going on holiday in October for 2 weeks, we have come to the desicision to spend the next months concentrating on doing our debt record a bit more than we have been. We have sessions booked in to start rough recordings with our good friend Phil for the first weekend of October, check his work out via the link bellow: -

We are going to be recording 6 never before heard tracks and in total out of 9 tracks so far written for our album i think 6 of which will be going on our album. We have plans for the others though nothing is set in stone as of yet. Keep yours eyes peeled though. We are planning on having our album fully written by the end of this year and to support that unfortunately we are not going to be doing a couple of the tours we had arranged. One of them was a planned and booked trip back to Belgium, though as that stands it looks like we will be returning in Feb 09. I guess we have gotten to the point where so much shit has gone wrong this year that we would rather concentrate on writing, so we have all of our album fully ready and sorted for 2009.

As for our split with Attack Vipers which we have talked about for a long time, though due to a shit load of delays, hasn't happened yet.......... Well it looks like it could well be happening in the next couple of months. I say this all the time which is why i am not saying a date yet, though it is still coming! At last then we will have our first 7inch and we might even have an excuse to give you a small preview of the other track we record for it 'Linger On'. Although a long time coming it will still be a fucking sweet split and all the parties involved are still very much into this record happening. Joe from Attack Vipers, as i am told is constructing the art work at current and no doubt i will stick it up on here when we have it all sorted. Check Attack Vipers out!

I would give you a link to Guns not Knives records who is putting the record out though there is nothing to link to at the minute. Guns not Knives is a brand new label just about to start in the North East that will be also in October be releasing the 'Pure Graft/Beasts' split 7inch. Another good split that shouldn't be over looked, so when some stuff gets up on the internet i will link the fucker up.

I hope my Shinfo hasn't bored the fuck out of you.

Till next time.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Attack Vipers Split + Demo Re Master

Hey people! So we just got back some new Re Mastered versions of the tracks we recorded earlier this year. This being done by our good friend Jason Sanderson who has previously worked with bands such as The Plight, D Rail, Rolo Tomassi, The Legacy, The Mirimar Disaster and lots more. You can listen to Two of the Three tracks recorded on our myspace, One a rough album demo and One off our forth coming split 7inch with Southern Englands Attack Vipers. We are pretty stoked with the New Masterings and feel Jase made a positive improvement on our previous master.

Record with Jason Sanderson. Check it: -

Also we recorded the vocals on those tracks with our good friend Phil Conway. Check him to: -

As for the Attack Vipers split, as far as i know Attack Vipers have finished recording there half and are in the mix/mastering stages now. Hopefully it shouldnt to long till we are going to press with it so keep an ear out.

If you have had your head in the sand the past few years and havnt heard Attack Vipers, do the right thing! Check them the fuck out also.



Monday, 11 August 2008

Manatees/ Rapture Fest Weekend

So we played some shows with the epic Manatees from carlise this weekend just gone. Thanks to everyone who came out, did shows and lent equipment. (Especially Dean in Lincolin for helping out last minute, your a fucking dood).

In true Lavotchkin fashion, the day before we left for our shows with Manatees our van died again. Lucky us, as we just had it back for only a day and prior to that day we had spent £1500 getting a new engine put in it. Soooooo as you can imagin we were TOTALLY fucking stoked and even more happy to find it was a fully different part that had broken as well. Just our fucking luck! On the other side though, we're believers in what doesnt kill you makes you stronger n all that. So once again we are just gunna get the fuck on with things and hope it doesnt take to long to get our van back. Again thanks to everyone who helped us out with equipment over the weekend! Especially the Manatees guys. We owe you one! Van windge over anyways................... till it dies again at least ;-)

All in all, It was really one of those weekends where you catch up with so many people all at once that its all a little hard to keep up. Fucking sweet though dont get me wrong and Props to everyone that hung out at Rapture fest. Saw some faces that i really dont see enough!

Anyway, we managed to stop by

Bolton, on the 8th aug
Lincolin, on the 9th aug
Rapture Fest in Reading, on the 10th aug

We managed to play and catch up with the following awsome bands as well!

The Fair Fight
D rail

If you have got some time check all those bands out. There all good shit, good guys and deserve the support.
If i get some more photos from the weekend i will add to the couple that are already up.



Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Summer Lavotchkin/ Crocus/ Hitcher Tour

Hey so we just came back from doing some shows with our friends Crocus (Cornwall) and Hitcher (Edinburgh).

30th July - Leeds @ House show!
31st July - Newcastle @ The End
1st August - Dundee @ Balcony Bar
2nd August - Edinburgh @ The Hive
3rd August - Glasgow @ O'Henry's

High lights:

+ Partying big style in Dundee
+ Shows in houses
+ Police not breaking up shows in houses
+ Yeh bio, you, proper, wasson
+ Glasgow market
+ Si lavotchkin saving Tom Crocus's from a Scum charv beating
+ Drink and Drugs

Low Lights

+ Weather
+ Our van dying just after getting it back from the garage
+ Hangovers/ Come downs
+ Bags of sick
+ 10pm off licence curfews
+ Having to work all day and travel to shows

We had a sick time and as a result we have been invite to do a second short tour with Crocus in December as well as possibly something else special for early next year.

Heres some pictures from the shows: