Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Attack Vipers Split + Demo Re Master

Hey people! So we just got back some new Re Mastered versions of the tracks we recorded earlier this year. This being done by our good friend Jason Sanderson who has previously worked with bands such as The Plight, D Rail, Rolo Tomassi, The Legacy, The Mirimar Disaster and lots more. You can listen to Two of the Three tracks recorded on our myspace, One a rough album demo and One off our forth coming split 7inch with Southern Englands Attack Vipers. We are pretty stoked with the New Masterings and feel Jase made a positive improvement on our previous master.

Record with Jason Sanderson. Check it: -

Also we recorded the vocals on those tracks with our good friend Phil Conway. Check him to: -

As for the Attack Vipers split, as far as i know Attack Vipers have finished recording there half and are in the mix/mastering stages now. Hopefully it shouldnt to long till we are going to press with it so keep an ear out.

If you have had your head in the sand the past few years and havnt heard Attack Vipers, do the right thing! Check them the fuck out also.



Monday, 11 August 2008

Manatees/ Rapture Fest Weekend

So we played some shows with the epic Manatees from carlise this weekend just gone. Thanks to everyone who came out, did shows and lent equipment. (Especially Dean in Lincolin for helping out last minute, your a fucking dood).

In true Lavotchkin fashion, the day before we left for our shows with Manatees our van died again. Lucky us, as we just had it back for only a day and prior to that day we had spent £1500 getting a new engine put in it. Soooooo as you can imagin we were TOTALLY fucking stoked and even more happy to find it was a fully different part that had broken as well. Just our fucking luck! On the other side though, we're believers in what doesnt kill you makes you stronger n all that. So once again we are just gunna get the fuck on with things and hope it doesnt take to long to get our van back. Again thanks to everyone who helped us out with equipment over the weekend! Especially the Manatees guys. We owe you one! Van windge over anyways................... till it dies again at least ;-)

All in all, It was really one of those weekends where you catch up with so many people all at once that its all a little hard to keep up. Fucking sweet though dont get me wrong and Props to everyone that hung out at Rapture fest. Saw some faces that i really dont see enough!

Anyway, we managed to stop by

Bolton, on the 8th aug
Lincolin, on the 9th aug
Rapture Fest in Reading, on the 10th aug

We managed to play and catch up with the following awsome bands as well!

The Fair Fight
D rail

If you have got some time check all those bands out. There all good shit, good guys and deserve the support.
If i get some more photos from the weekend i will add to the couple that are already up.



Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Summer Lavotchkin/ Crocus/ Hitcher Tour

Hey so we just came back from doing some shows with our friends Crocus (Cornwall) and Hitcher (Edinburgh).

30th July - Leeds @ House show!
31st July - Newcastle @ The End
1st August - Dundee @ Balcony Bar
2nd August - Edinburgh @ The Hive
3rd August - Glasgow @ O'Henry's

High lights:

+ Partying big style in Dundee
+ Shows in houses
+ Police not breaking up shows in houses
+ Yeh bio, you, proper, wasson
+ Glasgow market
+ Si lavotchkin saving Tom Crocus's from a Scum charv beating
+ Drink and Drugs

Low Lights

+ Weather
+ Our van dying just after getting it back from the garage
+ Hangovers/ Come downs
+ Bags of sick
+ 10pm off licence curfews
+ Having to work all day and travel to shows

We had a sick time and as a result we have been invite to do a second short tour with Crocus in December as well as possibly something else special for early next year.

Heres some pictures from the shows: