Friday, 11 February 2011



first blog entry of 2011. Although late I hope everyone had a good Christmas, new year and all that bollocks.


Since our last entry left us around October time last year I'll go from there. So November we did some recording with the infamous Jason Sanderson again. Shit went well and we've had the tracks mastered by Alan douches again also and for the moment we'll have to just assure you they sound savage, as they wont be coming out until September 2011 sorta time.


December we had a limited new release come out. It's a four way split 7inch with ourselves, Black Mass, Hush and Prelude To The Hunt and was put out by Dead Dead Dead Music Records + Fuck Happy Endings Records under the alias of "Darkest Season Vol 1". Limited to 300, you can check that shit out bellow. We each put one exclusive track on, ours being "Shower Of Bastards". All the bands are good shit! Check them out.

We also played some Northern shows with Burning love, Gallows, Hush, End Reign, Black Mass and a few others to support its release which was cool. Big thanks to Neil and Rory for putting it out! Good bands, all good dudes involved, check that shit out.


January we did some shows with Hush again, though in Scotland. Oh and we played with Ink and Dagger with Geoff Rickly on vocals which was pretty cool too. You've heard this before, though we actually began writing what will now be our debut album. Hahah I'm not gunna talk about this too much due to previously being jinxed, though all i will say is throughout this year whilst not touring we are gunna be on that like mother fuckers!


So the winter is nearly over and that only means its time to start playing more shows again! (Being a band 6 Years we have come to the conclusion that touring in the winter is never as fun, so we tend to take it easy October to March each year.) End of February we've got the Burning the Prospect (our drummer Gibbo's old band) reunion show in Boston at the legendary IQ. If your going to the show i don't mind for warning you that we will be massively intoxicated so don't expect real tightness. Following that just a show in March we are playing with Attack! Vipers! and Worn In Red from the U.S. Then April we're properly getting about again doing 5 or 6 shows with Crocus and the following amazing shows! (We are hugely excited for these shows like we cannot describe).

We've got a full UK tour on the cards for June time though I'll keep hush about that for the moment. Lastly though we are happy to announce the release of the Lavotchkin/ End To Empires Split 7inch via Thirty Days Of Night Records. The Arts by Tom Lacy and you can check it out bellow.

At the minute the release is planned for roughly April 2011 and I am over the moon to tell you that this will be our first vinyl that will be being done in colour. There isn't going to be pre- orders just straight to release with the Beecher show planned as the vinyls Release show. The tracks we are putting on are called "Ben Gardeners Head" and "Arkady".

We're gunna be test driving some new songs over the next year, so bare witness, shits about to get twice as heavy.

So for the meantime. As we were once told in Austria. DRINK AND DIE, HEALTH IS BUT A LIE.

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