Thursday, 23 April 2009

Lavotchkin/ OutCryCollective Mini Tour April 09


So we got back from doing a mini tour with OutCryCollective from southern England last week. Tour post bellow ;-)

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the shows, had fun and bought merch etc etc. It was a real cool set of shows and was a pleasure to tour with OutCry who were real sound guys. Big props to steve OutCry for putting us up and looking after us so well and even bigger props to Jenna for putting us up in Brighton for most of the tour. Double thanks to all our friends in the south that came out the shows and hung out with us at the shows. Ashford and Brighton especially. Last thanks to Andy, Jag and Meb Ghost of a Thousand + Friends for there parts in partying with us till 7am several nights and andy especially for getting us home.

So this time we took a camera away with us though took fuck all pictures. We are really good at the whole making an effort to get some pics from tour business........ However, there was actually a few bits of video footage from this tour, which is being put together as a real small tour diary by our boy John Barmby. Some live footage/ some fucking round footage, you never know it migh be funny ........ though hopefully we wont look like dickheads in the process :-D

What pics we have are bellow if you havnt already seen. Enjoy!

So now back from tour, next up for us is Recording our Album which is begins in May. We are recording with good friend Jason Sanderson in Barnsley over 14 days and we have full faith in the fact hes gunna make it sound amazing. So atm we are spending as much time as possible putting the last bits together and i can honestly say i cant wait to get it all recorded. We're totally stoked with how its all come out and i can tell you now its a reallllll angry Record.

Lastly, May 1st we will be putting a brand New Track online via myspace. Its been a long while coming though its going to be the first of many new tracks this year! The track going online is called "You Were Dawn" and will be featuring on our fourth coming split with our boys in the South, the mighty Crocus. Release information for the Split will go up May 1st as well as the dates for a Release UK tour with both Crocus and ourselves. Stay fucking tuned!

Cheers for reading my rantings once again.

Wish us luck with Recording :-p

Martin + The Lavotchkin's

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