Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Our Debut Album is allllllll recorded

Alright and cheers for reading

I am so pleased to tell you that we have managed to complete the recording of our debut album "Widow Country". We spent a total of two weeks recording with good friend Jason Sanderson in Barnsley and we managed to just squeeze everything we wanted to do in. We began May 11th until May 17th, then home for a week to demo some vocals and then back to Barnsley May 25th to May 31st. I am most of all happy to tell you that it has all come out much better than we expected :-D

As for the recording experience itself, it turned out to be a lot less stressful than we thought it was going to be. That possibly being also down to using intoxication to pass the days in Barnsley and spending a lot of time hanging out with all our friends in the area. Big Big props to our friends in Errander. Its always so good hanging out and its been a dream getting to see you all for a full two weeks.

Heres how things panned out time wise.

Day 1 - Drums + Live Recording
Day 2 - Drums + Live Recording
Day 3 - Drums + Live Recording
Day 4 - Drum Editing + 1 Vocal track
Day 5 - Guitar 1
Day 6 - Guitar 1 + Beginning Guitar 2
Day 7 - Guitar 2

We went home for a week to work and demo the vocals for 8 tracks

Day 8 - Bass + Vocals
Day 9 - Bass + Clean Guitar + Vocals
Day 10 - Clean Guitar + Higher/Bright guitar + Vocals
Day 11 - Higher /Brighter guitar + Heavy as fuck guitar + Vocals
Day 12 - Heavy as fuck guitar, Vocals + Gaffers birthday :-D
Day 13 - Vocal Edits + Vocals
Day 14 - Vocal Edits + Voclas + Feed Back :-D

Key Things To Mention!

+ Black fox ;-)
+ Errander and Cocean hang outs.
+ A lot of intoxication
+ iceland's cheap food
+ Competative boweling
+ Hub got to go to london with Lock and Keys when they played with Polar Bear Club
+ Hubs good cooking
+ A lot of Tea/Coffee being drank
+ Jase working 10 to 12hour days for us
+ The amount of sweet amps we got to use
+ Assistant Joe!

Information on its release will be coming out in the summer fingers crossed, so until then please bare with us. Its going to be worth the wait :-D

Thanks for checking by our page and seeing what we have been up to. We have been having an amazing year so far and hope that it carrys on the same way. Bellow is a shit load of pictures from our two weeks of recording. Check them out and keep an eye out for a video thats being edited together from our experience.

Big shout outs to the following people for keeping us entertained in barnsley

Ryan's Joe
Awesome Joe who also assisted in recording us
Tom Beasts
and sorry anyone i have forgotten that feels they should be in the list. My memoury with names sucks.

Good times

Martin + The Lavotchkin's

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