Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Lavotchkin/ Human Fly March 09Tour


so we got back a couple of days ago from Touring Northern England with the mighty Human Fly from leeds. We played 6 shows in total and it was an absolute treat getting to see Human Fly that many times in one week. We can assure you that there new songs are imense, so keep an eye out for there new recordings which are coming soon! All in all it was a cool tour and it was nice to be not so far away from home for a change :-D

Anyway, the shows were really cool and we got to hang out with a lot of friends we havnt seen for a while as well as getting to make a few more. Very much two birds with one stone and to be honest everything happend without any real problems for once. 6 nights of getting fucked up and head banging to Human Fly. Big shout outs to Chell, Lincolin Dean, The burning the Prospect guys, The Horse and Groom Manager, The Manville house guys, Errander, joe, all the Human Fly Drivers, all of Human Fly and Merch man Boydy.

Heres a few pics from the shows! Enjoy.

Once again as painfully obvious, we didnt take a camera with us. I swear i will actually try my best to get one sorted for the OutCry dates that we are doing in April, though my fish like memoury does me no favours. Until then, we are back home using what little time we have working on the final bits for our album. Totally siked on how its all sounding though we stil have a fair bit to do on it, which we are gunna get ready for recording if it kills us. So after our dates with Out Cry Collective are over we are going to be spending all our free time in our cold practice room getting shit done. BUSY FUCKING TIMES. But productive times....

As for the rest of our plans, we are going to be taking June off for a much needed break to practice and work for a month so our jobs/bank accounts forgive us enough to let us tour in the Summer. Come July though we are back on the road with firstly Shotgun Riot from London and
late in the month with Crocus to support the release of our split CD (which has a release date pencilled in currently for June 29th.) August we are still planned on doing a Europe trip with Crocus to also support the Euro side of our splits release. Busy summer ahead, so keep an eye out as we will be putting up tour dates in the next couple of months.

A subject which i havnt mentioned in a while that has come to light now is our split 7inch with Attack! Vipers!. Its been a long time coming, though the masters are done now as far as i am aware and we are just waiting on the Art Work being finished. Its going to press straight away, though i dont want to jinx the whole thing and say a date until it has. We are all really excited for our first 7inch and are also stoked its with Attack Vipers. So stay tuned for that as well!

Come see us with OutCryCollective next week if you live in the south! It will be the last shows we will be playing before July.

Cheers for reading! Cheers to everyone who put our shows with Human Fly! Last Cheers to everyone who came out to the Human Fly shows! It was sweet!

Martin + The Lavotchkin's

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