Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Lavotchkin Euro Feb 2009 Tour

Hey hey

so we just got back from a 9 day tour of europe (8 shows in the 9 days). Feb 20th - Feb 29th. We played 5 shows in Belgium, two in Austria and one germany. All the shows we played were really good and in all honestly it was probably the best tour we have done to date. Good turn outs, we were looked after so well, made so many new friends and had an awesome time playing.


+ A lot of parties till 7am
+ A lot of random night clubs
+ A shit load of free booze
+ A shit load of free food
+ Ben pulling a smoke machine off a wall and filling the venue with smoke
+ Hub and Bens love hate relationship leading to Hub attempting to Glass ben. ahah was all jokes honestly
+ Martin being sick due to the night before in the first day at 4pm in the afternoon. He thought he was being sick into a gutter though turned out it was into someones basement through grating. (Still woke up 3 hours later and began partying again til 7am the next day.)
+ Si getting so drunk he had to claw out a taxi on the first night and craw up a flight of stairs.
+ Poz and Si seeing a grown man shit himself in Mc Donalds.


+ The german police searching us twice, the first time drugs testing Poz and demanding drugs we didnt have to be handed over. Un marked police cars and everything. Aint got shit on us though ;-)
+ Ben smashing a pint glass in his hand
+ Ben giving himself a black eye headbutting a mic stand
+ No sleep to the max
+ Driving and driving and driving for hours

Big thanks to the following people for helping out with the tour. We owe you all. Stan, Bram, Philip, All the southern Belgian kids, Autumn Delay, Jo, Ben, Johan, The Lindfabriek guys, Yeoshi + Max and friends, Flo Rider, Marion, We had a deal, The Plague Mass, The Boarder Cross kids, Daggers and the family that put us up the last night of the tour! Anyone else i have forgotten to mention dont hate me, thanks though!

We are coming back in August with our good friends Crocus to tour our split cd which is coming out June time. There will be a euro release of the cd in the summer thats details will come soon.

Heres some photos we got together from the tour. We didnt take cameras though have pics from phones and that people took from the shows.

Lavotchkin/ We Had A Deal Love

Martin and no sleep till 5am Marion


Good Morning Austria!!

Waving at the locals

Sexy Bram put us up 3 nights the star!

German Party Crew

Ben and no sleep till 5am Marion

Was a totally sick tour. Thanks so much to everyone again who helped and most of all everyone that came out to all the shows.

See you on the road in March with Human Fly if you live in Northern England.

Till Black August Europe

Martin + The Lavotchkins

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