Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Lavotchkin/ Take A Worm For A Walk Week January tour

Alright people

i'll make this a short one as i dont wanna rant to much this time, as the photos is where the fun is. So we did a short tour with Glasgows Take A Worm For A Walk Week tour, stopping at Leeds, Yeovil, Manchester and Huddersfield. Unfortunately due to Huddersfield being the day the Uk got submerged in snow, the show was cancelled. Win some and you lose some though!!

Friday in Leeds - Went amazingly, big thanks to the guy in Chicken Hawk for doing a show.
Saturday in Yeovil - Was real good! Free beer and toasties was to good. Props 2 Liam And Co
Sunday in Manchester - For some reason we are cursed with disaster each time we play Manchester and this time was once again like our track record. Not a total write off but it happend :-D

Big Thanks to Jenna for helping out the tour, thanks to Jason Sanderson + Gibb, Mikee + Cheryl and Janine + Katie for putting us up each of the nights. Thanks to Errander, Joe and all the Barnsley people for having the birthday party for Hub. We love you all dearly.

Take A Worm For A Walk Week were sweet every night and you should definately check them out! Get drunk with them as well, they are fucking mental :-D

Heres a few pics take whilst on tour. Hope you find a few entertaining!

Rik Errander modeling the New Pure Graft shirt

What a Tash Jase has. Amazing!

Someones definately got some explaining to do.............

What a shot!

Happy Birthday Hub!

When Sunderland Scored against Newcastle

Jenna rules her camp with the reign of Terror

Hi Ben, do you wanna get up after 3 hours sleep and a heavy night to record feed back.......?

Hope you enjoyed them! Next stop europe for us. Then a tour with Human fly, some dates with OutCry Collective and then recording our Album. We are busy fuckers so watch this space!

Martin + The Lavotchkin's

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