Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Recording blog from Jan

Hey hey

how the fucks it going??? We have been busy fuckers lately recording in Barnsley for a weekend and we just got back from doing a short tour with Take A Worm For A Walk Week, who i must say were fucking awesome. Check that band out! Anyway, i'll put something up about that tour when i get my hands on some of the photos, though for now welcome to my Recording rant.

So to lay out the jist of things, we were booked in for Recording/staying in Barnsley with our good friend Jason Sanderson over Sunday the 19th of Jan to Jan the 21st. We didnt finish over those days unfortunately, but no big deal, we stopped by on Sat the 31st whilst on tour with Take A Worm to finish. If your in a band, make sure you check Jason out as he is awesome, worth every penny and has worked with some fucking cool bands, for example: 65 Days Of Static, Rolo Tomassi, Mirimar Disaster, The Plight, Data Select Party, LAVOTCHKIN haha etc etc ........... ;-)


To keep anyone up to date who has never had the pleasure of reading my rants, the recording session that i am currently talking about is our contribution towards a split Record with our good friends from the south, Crocus. Check them out via the link bellow!


So we recorded 3 tracks to go towards it and i can assure you that although we have only heard rough mixes, it sounds really fucking good, so we are really excited for it coming out. The split is forth coming curtious of a joint label venture that we are really excited about and there are also current talks about a possible euro pressing. All secrets till it goes to press for the moment, though that should be late feb/early march. The split will be coming out in JUNE 2009, there will be a Uk tour to support its release in July and is looking like could well be supporting euro tour in August also. Keep an eye out anyway.

Back to Recording though. So we headed down to Barnsley to party the night of Saturday 18th since recording started the next day. Lots of friends down that way, so a lot of catching up is always to be done whenever we are round. There was Booze, Blood and a lot of man on man. Party with Errander. Enough said.....

Day 1

We started by getting some rough guitar and bass tones whilst drums were set in stone. To warm us up/lay some guide tracks, we began by doing some live recording of the tracks we were going to be recording as well as a couple of rough new songs for our album. Once that out of the way the real drum takes began. All in all there was no major problems and it all went pretty sweet. All good in the hood. Having the live recordings as well as our actual drum recordings now we finished the day by recording the vocals to the first of the three tracks we were recording.

Day 2

Guitar tone and recording were the goal of today. A long process of experiment took place for both and we ended up settling with 5150 teamed with a Selma clear channel head for the more high end guitar (Martin) and for the beef (Ben) a Marshall Jcm 800 teamed with a marshall jubilee. The telecasters were the weapon of choice in both cases. We had a few problems with random noises and all sorts of other little things though by the end of the day it was all done. No time for the 2nd tracks vocals tonight though no biggy.

Day 3

Bass and vocals time. To be honest things with bass went pretty wrong due to equipment not working the way it should though it was all good in the end. We got vocals for the other two songs as well as a few back ups though it was crazy late by the time that was all done so we had to give in and let another half day to allow for finishing.

Morning 4

So we partied till 5:30am/6am the night before after our Leeds show with Take A Worm For A Walk Week as it was Hub's birthday. Recording feed back began at 9:30am. What a fucking sorry fucking sight............ After taking 2 hours on a job that should have taken about 30 minutes due to being a complete wreck and a further half an hour adding an extra guitar track to a part and we were finished. I would like to state that Jason was up awake, sober and fully ready for the day having gone to bed early, the task taking so long was down to the shell of a guitar player (Martin).

Our tracks are currently being mixed/mastered so not long till we get our finals sorted. We will not be putting up a track from the split until close to its release, so expect to hear some new shit April/May time. Long wait i know, though in May we are recording our Album so by the later half of 2009 you are going to have too much of our new stuff to listen to.

On a last note. If you do one thing in 2009. Meet our guitarist Ben Wishlade. I dont know what happened to him as a child, but he is one twisted funny fucker. Enjoy bellow this, my small collection of Ben photos from Recording. Sort of a mini online shrine.............

Oh and last last thing. We might have all taken cameras and fully intended to get a lot of photos to put into the blog......................... however instead we got intoxicated and mostly forgot about it. Here is the few we did get though.

Cheers for reading

Martin + The Lavotchkins

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