Saturday, 5 September 2009

Back from Mainland Europe!


So a week ago we got back from 10 day Europian Tour with our good mates Crocus. It was a totally sweet way to end the summer and we had amazing time. 75% of the shows gave us completely free bars and the other 25% still a considerable amount of free drink, so needless to say 10 guys on tour with that much drink made a fun filled tour. We only got pulled over by the german police and searched 3 times this tour, so i would like to give a hats off to them for once again prooving there doing a sterling job ;-) Heres some highs and lows to sum up the trip in a nut shell.


+ All the Promoters for treating us so well.
+ Our boy Calum from Joseph filling in on vocals and being fucking awesome every night. We owe him such a big favour!
+ our boy baby jason sanderson who came along to join the fun and being a dude
+ Playing with Darkest Hour, Rent to Kill, Sex Jams, We Had A Deal, Trash Talk and Bangers
+ Calum being drunk every night without fail
+ Calum's light packing
+ We Had A fucking Deal - Nicest dudes ever (extra props forJan and Micha for looking after us and being sweet tour guides)
+ The hugh party we had in payerbak
+ Breaking into swimming pools
+ Crocus being such lovelable cunts
+ Shot drinking competitions
+ Sex Jams being reallllllly sweet. Check em out!
+ All our friends at Club chili - Natalie, Marion, The kid from Jane Hoe
+ skater martyn (from augsberg)
+Kon of Yfere and Klangverhaltnisse Records fame being a total dude and looking after us so well.
+ Kon also Hitch hiking 7 hours to come catch up with us in Southern Germany!
+ Jan we had a deal driving 5 hours to come see us play in Germany!
+ Natalie and skater Martyn for also driving 4/5 hours to come see our last show! We couldnt believe how far some people had travelled to come to a show.
+ Martin for being a legend and printing more t shirt for us on tour also
+ Larry Yfere and his house mate for letting us arrive at his house at 7am, sleep all day and then insisted on buying us all breakfast. What a fucking dude!
+ The Flo'rider for being a fucking legend
+ The bangers dudes for being cool guys and a good band! Weird meeting in Germany rather than the Uk
+ Good crowds! Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows.
+ Our long friend moali catching up with us in linz
+ The fact we got home alive driving for 22 and a half ours solid
+ No Van problems


+ Greg Crocus cutting his hand up in austria
+ It being so hot but ourselves being couped up in a van all day
+ A lack of showers at times - led to us going to swimming to get clean
+ A 22 and half hour drive home
+ Hang Overs
+ Smoking far to much
+ Illness setting in by the end

If you havnt already, check Crocus out! Good guys, good band, fucking good live band and good good friends. We've released a split Cd, done 3 uk tours and a euro tour together now. Brothers from other mothers,

Thats all the touring for our July Release'd split record with Crocus done. In the Lavotchkin camp all focus is now full steam ahead with plans for our album! We are still in the mixing process at the minute, though i can assure you that the rough mixes we have already sound sweet as fun. Its definately looking like an early 2010 release is the soonest we are going to have it unfortunately, though is giving us plenty of time to prepair for its release. hahah doesnt mean the wait isnt secretly killing me, though thats something i am gunna have to live with at the minute. Meanwhile we are starting to speak to labels so keep your fingers crossed for us! We have worked so hard on doing our album and truely think its the best thing we have produced by a long shot all round. We are hoping we tracks start emerging in the more final stages you all agree.

So back to work for the minute unfortunately. However not for long as in just over two weeks from now we will be heading out on an 8 day uk Tour with our long time friends Brides (Visible Noise Records). Check them out if you havnt already and as always please please if your in the area come down to a show. Hopefully we will be playing near you :-D

Hope your dig the tour pics! They're slowely coming though check these out for the minute.

Till next time

Martin + The Lavotchkin's

Lavotchkin, Crocus, We Had A Deal And Rent To Kill
Stugartt Aug 09

The Kon'Dor

Birthday Jason - Augsburg

Greg Crocus - Clearly worshipping the riff ;-)

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