Sunday, 21 September 2008

Ups and Downs


So a few things have been going on this month in our camp.

Right at the start of the month we hooked up with our friends from Southampton The Fair Fight, though shock horror once again we were struck with shit luck, this time it being down to Si getting so sick he had to go to hospital. We managed to find a replacement singer or singers for the Newcastle date of the two shows we were playing, though we had to drop out of the boston show. Fucking pain and i think thats the 3rd time we have had to drop out of a show there, but driving a 5 hour round trip with a dude who barely knew the words would have sucked for everyone. (Especially the people coming to the show!) Shit happens though right?

Next bit of amazing news came not long after when we discovered we were going to have to drop out of shows we were set to be playing with friends Whitemare from Brighton, towards the end of the month. A kick in the balls like, but one of us had family issues over that period and you have to put the other important stuff first sometimes.

Anyway although we had our set backs, we did manged to fit in playing with Glasgow's awsome Take A Worm For A Walk Week and The Dead Eyes of Quint from Leeds. Both sweet bands, check them out! Also we supported Philadelphia's hardcore legends Blacklisted, where we were lucky enough to have the last 3 songs of our set recorded. This can be viewed online via the link bellow: -

The video contains three brand new songs which will all be featuring on our forth coming record.

1st - The Wether Effect
2nd - Abandoned
3rd - Untitled

Next up, we got our van back at last. Fully working with no problems and fingers crossed no more for a fucking long time. We have had our fair share now. However, funny story about it. So basically when our van died the 2nd time we got an emergency guy out to come and look at it. So he came, told us it was something or other (i know fuck all about vans/cars, the others do though so don't think we are clueless.) Anyway, he told us it would cost 1000 to get fixed which we thought sounded a bit crazy considering we had just had it fixed and looked over. So after much bugging a family friend we eventually got another mechanic to double check it and he says he can fix it for 75 pounds. Turns out the first guy was trying to pretty much rape us for all we were worth. So first hand advice, never trust a mechanic first off!

With the Whitemare tour cancelled and Hub going on holiday in October for 2 weeks, we have come to the desicision to spend the next months concentrating on doing our debt record a bit more than we have been. We have sessions booked in to start rough recordings with our good friend Phil for the first weekend of October, check his work out via the link bellow: -

We are going to be recording 6 never before heard tracks and in total out of 9 tracks so far written for our album i think 6 of which will be going on our album. We have plans for the others though nothing is set in stone as of yet. Keep yours eyes peeled though. We are planning on having our album fully written by the end of this year and to support that unfortunately we are not going to be doing a couple of the tours we had arranged. One of them was a planned and booked trip back to Belgium, though as that stands it looks like we will be returning in Feb 09. I guess we have gotten to the point where so much shit has gone wrong this year that we would rather concentrate on writing, so we have all of our album fully ready and sorted for 2009.

As for our split with Attack Vipers which we have talked about for a long time, though due to a shit load of delays, hasn't happened yet.......... Well it looks like it could well be happening in the next couple of months. I say this all the time which is why i am not saying a date yet, though it is still coming! At last then we will have our first 7inch and we might even have an excuse to give you a small preview of the other track we record for it 'Linger On'. Although a long time coming it will still be a fucking sweet split and all the parties involved are still very much into this record happening. Joe from Attack Vipers, as i am told is constructing the art work at current and no doubt i will stick it up on here when we have it all sorted. Check Attack Vipers out!

I would give you a link to Guns not Knives records who is putting the record out though there is nothing to link to at the minute. Guns not Knives is a brand new label just about to start in the North East that will be also in October be releasing the 'Pure Graft/Beasts' split 7inch. Another good split that shouldn't be over looked, so when some stuff gets up on the internet i will link the fucker up.

I hope my Shinfo hasn't bored the fuck out of you.

Till next time.

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