Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Summer Lavotchkin/ Crocus/ Hitcher Tour

Hey so we just came back from doing some shows with our friends Crocus (Cornwall) and Hitcher (Edinburgh).

30th July - Leeds @ House show!
31st July - Newcastle @ The End
1st August - Dundee @ Balcony Bar
2nd August - Edinburgh @ The Hive
3rd August - Glasgow @ O'Henry's

High lights:

+ Partying big style in Dundee
+ Shows in houses
+ Police not breaking up shows in houses
+ Yeh bio, you, proper, wasson
+ Glasgow market
+ Si lavotchkin saving Tom Crocus's from a Scum charv beating
+ Drink and Drugs

Low Lights

+ Weather
+ Our van dying just after getting it back from the garage
+ Hangovers/ Come downs
+ Bags of sick
+ 10pm off licence curfews
+ Having to work all day and travel to shows

We had a sick time and as a result we have been invite to do a second short tour with Crocus in December as well as possibly something else special for early next year.

Heres some pictures from the shows:

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